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Magnesiumpulver, Granulat, Non Ferrum, Magnesiumpulver Österreich Salzburg

Metallpulver-Legierungen Salzburg Österreich

Metallpulver, Magnesiumpulver, Aluminiumpulver, Magnesiumlegierungen

Metallpulver Österreich, metal powders
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Als Spezialist für Magnesium, Aluminium und deren Legierungen haben wir eine langjährige Erfahrung bei der Herstellung von Pulvern, Granulaten, Spänen und Legierungsbarren.

Metallpulver, Magnesiumpulver, Magnesiumbarren

Metallpulver, Magnesiumpulver, Magnesiumbarren, Aluminiumpulver

MetallPulver Salzburg

Non Ferrum Metallpowders Metallpulver

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non ferrum metallpulver gmbh · Bürmooser Landesstraße 19 · 5113 St. Georgen bei Salzburg · Austria · T +43 6272 2919 0 . F +43 6272 8439 ·


Newsletter 01/2011 06.04.2011

After the restructuring in recent years, we are very happy with the recently introduced reorganization for non ferrum metal powders gmbh to have set the foundation for a prosperous future.

With its products and techniques the non ferrum gmbh plays a leading role in the market for magnesium and aluminum alloys. We want to meet the targets we have and our customer's goals in terms of quality, efficiency, environmental performance and safety. Our years of experience in the manufacture of powders, granules, chips and alloy ingots will be utilized in future to develop new materials in our laboratories with improved properties.

Just our location in St. Georgen near Salzburg, which we will continuously expand in the coming years can guarantee this growth, because here we find the resources needed by the competitive market today: a functioning society, a healthy environment and not least of course the most important asset: creative and ready man. Our more than 70 employees are key to our success, because only a perfect teamwork ensures really long-term success.

To mark this new beginning we are very proud to have given ourselves a new corporate design that you can immediately experience under An appearance that is intended to illustrate the dynamism, modernity and performance orientation of our company.

We are looking forward to continued successful relationship with your company and remain with best regards from Salzburg!

C. Schultz

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